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Scott & Trudy Anderson (Owners of Advent Christmas Tree Farm, LLC)

Scott & Trudy Anderson (Owners)

Scott and Trudy Anderson own Advent Christmas Tree Farm.  Scott hails from Sarasota, FL, and Trudy is a native Ohioan, from Austintown, OH.  They purchased the farm in 2006 while Scott was an active duty member of the United States Air Force.  After serving his country for 28 years, and after 22 moves across the country and around the globe, Scott and Trudy decided to retire from the military to finally “plant some roots” in a local community.  In their entire married life, they had never owned a home or property of any sort, nor had they ever lived on a farm or raised Christmas Trees.  They decided to step out in faith with the purchase of the farm and the move to an entirely new way of life.

Planting their first Christmas tree in March, 2007

Planting their first tree in March, 2007

They planted their first Christmas Trees in March, 2007.  That spring, in the week that they planted 3,016 trees by hand, they went from 70 degree weather the first day to blowing snow and sub-freezing temperatures on day 6.  That spring describes the ups and downs and daily challenges of living on a farm and raising Christmas trees.  Each of the next 6 years saw the number of trees increase until in 2013 they reached approximately 15,000 trees on the farm.  They decided to cap out at this number until Scott retires from his full time job as a senior program manager for the University of Dayton Research Institute, where Scott leads a broad team of experts in in managing industrial robotics and lasers technology insertion for use in the United States Air Force weapon system sustainment communities.


Scott’s passion is trees.  His first college degree was in Forest Management.  Though he moved well away from this profession back in the 70s, the passion never waned and he is now living his dream of spending time each workday evening and on Saturdays in the fields planting, mowing, trimming, shearing, spraying or doing whatever is necessary to keep the Christmas Trees healthy and looking beautiful.


Trudy’s passion is animals.  Since her first adventures as a child with pets such as an alligator and a rat, she’s had the love of animals and now enjoys the opportunity to enjoy them in mass.  She has a horse, a full size and a miniature donkey, an alpacas, two long-legged pigmy goats, six ducks, a large selection of chickens, a Tangerine Milk Snake and four barn cats.  Besides these we have three dogs, one inside cat, a parakeet and schools of fish.  She, too, is living her dream as she works each and every day on the farm helping me in the trees and taking care of the animals as she makes the farm a home for us and her animals.


Scott and Trudy are strong and faithful believers in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  They are members of Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church, in Vandalia, OH.  Scott serves as an elder of the church where he and Trudy practice their faith through serving the church and opening their home and farm frequently to many groups for hospitality and for fellowship opportunities with their church, Scott’s work and the local community.

The Anderson family

The Anderson family

Scott and Trudy have been blessed with a wonder family as well.  They have three children, two grandchildren and a grand-dog and a grand-cat.  Their oldest, Nicole, lives in Northern Virginia with her wonderful husband John and their two kids, Casey and Alina, and their dogs, Cooper and Winter.  Their Middle daughter, Megan, lives with her magnificent husband Ryan, a member of our United States Air Force at Lackland Air Force Base, TX, with their cat, Nala.  Their youngest, Kyle, is a graphic designer living in Columbus, OH, and the creator of this website, our Facebook Page and the other marketing items we are using to promote our new business.


We look forward to meeting each and every one of you and hope you enjoy your experience coming out to our farm, spending time in the trees, breathing the fresh air, and finding that “perfect” tree for you and your family this Christmas season.


May God bless you this Christmas Season and may each of us remember to take the time to thank God for sending us his Son, Jesus the Christ, to save us from our sins and to redeem us as his people.  Have a safe and blessed season.  We’ll see you soon.

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